Integrated Vascular Services was started by Dan Clark RN. Dan began his Nursing career in a local community hospital and became PICC certified in 1996. His background includes not only the adult population of patients, but pediatric as well.

Dan explored different avenues in which to use his skills as an IV Specialist and began working as Regional Vice President for a similar company. Two years ago, he realized that his dream of branching off on his own and creating his own company would not only provide a challenge, but would prove to be rewarding. This endeavor would provide improved services and meet higher standards for the clients needing service.

Dan believes very strongly in providing professional, compassionate, and top notch service to the facilities, the patient/resident, as well as the family members to ensure their loved ones can have the best IV access to facilitate delivery of necessary therapy.

With that being said, IVS employs RN IV specialists that have extensive one on one training in both theory and practice. Overall, our staff maintains a 98% success rate with line placement. We take pride in our company and the services we provide.

We offer bedside IV service dealing with all types of access devices at competitive, yet affordable prices. We follow CDC and INS guidelines. Utilization of Ultrasound guided line placement is available when requested or necessary. Our services will be customized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.